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Discipleship Year Planner

Posted on 20 Nov 2023




OAT Planner

Ever heard the saying, "Failing to plan is planning to fail"? It's like the ultimate life pro tip.

Jesus had even dropped some wisdom on planning in Luke 14:28-32:


28-30 “Is there anyone here who, planning to build a new house, doesn’t first sit down and figure the cost so you’ll know if you can complete it? If you only get the foundation laid and then run out of money, you’re going to look pretty foolish. Everyone passing by will poke fun at you: ‘He started something he couldn’t finish.’” 

31-32 “Or can you imagine a king going into battle against another king without first deciding whether it is possible with his ten thousand troops to face the twenty thousand troops of the other? And if he decides he can’t, won’t he send an emissary and work out a truce?” (The Message)


Tower-building and kings going to war— you’ve got to love these biblical analogies!

Not only that — Jesus threw in the curveball of giving up everything to be his disciple:


“So therefore, any one of you who does not renounce all that
he has cannot be my disciple.”

Luke 14:33 ESV

Now, that’s a serious commitment!

As the year wraps up and a new year is around the corner, it is time for fresh starts, growth, and smashing new goals. But do not forget to check in with the Lord. What does He want for you in the coming year? It is all about levelling up that connection with Him.

Don’t know where to start? Not to worry, as we have created the OAT planner with you in mind.
No, not your morning oats for breakfast — it stands for Objective, Activity, and Timetable. It is a simple tool to keep your discipleship journey going strong.



What it is



Why have you decided to choose this Objective?

What is the goal and aim?

Tip: Identifying the challenges and hindrances to achieving your goal can be helpful.

Quiet Time: To have a regular and consistent daily Quiet Time.


What will be carried out and planned to achieve the Objective?

Tip: Be as specific as possible. This helps you to evaluate the progress and refine it if needed.

  • Set alarm to 7am every day.
  • Have sufficient rest and sleep by 10pm.
  • Commit uncompleted tasks to God.
  • Plan my day well so it will not affect my QT the next day.


When will the Activity take place?

What is the frequency?

Tip: Include an encouraging verse for the area you are working on!

  • Daily at 7 am
  • Evaluate the quality of my QT after each week.

The OAT Planner comprises of four sections, each playing a crucial role in nurturing our spiritual journey:


  1. Basics: This section mirrors our Wheel of Life illustration, encapsulating fundamental spiritual principles that underscore our faith. These principles find expression through obedience to Christ.
  2. Character: Developing Christlike qualities involves intentional training, planning, and evaluation. The aim is to bear fruit to the glory of God and radiate His light (John 15:8; Matthew 5:16,48). The question looms: Will He find faithful servants upon His return? (Luke 12:42-44, 13:6, 18:8)
  3. Ministry: This section prompts us to consider how we function as channels of blessings in our natural spheres of influence and harvest fields (John 4:35). It beckons us to live out our faith in tangible ways.
  4. Personal Life: The focus is on responsible stewardship of the provisions and resources entrusted to us by God (Luke 16:10). It prompts us to reflect on how we manage the gifts bestowed upon us.

Quality surpasses quantity. There is no need to feel pressured to fill every box. Instead, prayerfully discern and concentrate on the areas where the Lord is leading you to grow and develop.

At the end of the day, the impact of a life lived in alignment with God's purpose and principles extends far beyond the mere fulfilment of tasks. It is about transforming into faithful servants, bearing fruits that glorify Him, and being a beacon of His love and light in your sphere of influence.

So, let's kick off the new year with a solid OAT, shall we?

Download your OAT Planner here.