A Spiritual Pioneer in Singapore

Dave Dawson, former 2nd National Director for The Navigators Singapore from 1968-1981, was called home to the Lord on 25 November 2020 after battling COVID-19 in Texas.

Both Dave and his wife, Mary Seedoff, had their first assignment with The Navigators at Texas A & M University. Subsequently Dave was asked to go to Singapore to replace Roy Robertson, the director then.

Dave was the pioneer for the disciple-making movement in Singapore. Together with his leadership team, they anchored the yearly Navigator conferences with thousands in attendance.  Today, intentional disciple-making is the order of the day for churches not only in Singapore but in Asia, for which we have Dave to be thankful for.

What a lasting legacy Dave Dawson has left us. We are forever indebted to Dave for his sacrificial love, for heeding the call of God to come to Singapore. All glory be to God!

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