September 2014

Sep-2014Can you predict what things will look like in your life 5 – 7 years from now?  Probably not.  Can you have a desire for how those things will look?  Certainly!


This is the question our staff leaders recently asked … what is our desire for how our ministries will look 5 – 7 years from now; and more importantly, what is God’s desire?  What is His vision for our future?  After much discussion and prayer, we believe God has given us that vision:


“A new wave of disciple-makers for Singapore, Asia and beyond.”

(Watch “Disciple-Makers,” a 3-minute video on the vision of the Singapore Navigators)


Why “disciple-makers” as opposed to converts or disciples?

Many churches and organizations in Singapore are already actively bringing people to faith, and making disciples.  But is anyone having great success in making disciple-makers … people who can personally help another become a disciple?  This is The Navigators’ forté.  The how-to’s of making disciple-makers is something we can model and teach to the greater Christian community.   “Disciple-makers” also fit well with our Calling … “To advance the gospel of Jesus and His kingdom through spiritual generations of labourers…”  To have on-going generations, one must have disciple-makers.


Why a “new wave?”

Firstly, “wave” suggests a large number, a surge. (“The least of you will become a thousand.”  Isaiah 60:22)


In the past the Singapore Navigators raised up a lot of disciples and disciple-makers.  That was in the 70s, and into the 80s.  We have not raised up as many in the last two decades, though.  “Forgetting what is behind, and reaching forward to what is ahead,” we are asking God to raise up another wave, a “new” wave, of disciple-makers.


Why disciple-makers for “Asia?”

The Great Commission mandates that we think beyond Singapore.  Asia is our logical target.  Within 2,000 miles of Singapore is over ½ of the world’s population.


Why disciple-makers for “beyond?”

Jesus told us to make disciples of all nations.


Is this vision feasible?

Yes.  God is doing something new among us.  In the last 5 years we have seen two new campus ministries started, and two new community ministries started.  Twelve new people have joined our staff.  We held our first national conference in more than twenty years, and a first-ever conference for students from all over Asia.  As the Lord said through Isaiah, “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?” (Isaiah 43:19)  When God is at work, visions tend to become reality!


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