September 2013

Sep-2013The Navigators are looking to make a big impact for Christ. It stands to reason, then, that we would want many people to join our staff. Since a major part of our ministry is to students, we especially want many young staff. However, young people often have no idea whether they are “called” to full-time ministry, let alone long-term full-time ministry with The Navigators.

This is the reason that I’m so excited about our new EDGE program. It allows a young graduate to join our staff for one to two years. During this time they give themselves to full-time gospel ministry … sharing the love of Christ with non-believers, discipling young believers. Being close in age, they can connect naturally and freely with the studemts with whom they are working.

Another thing is also happening. They, and we, are getting a sense of whether full-time ministry with The Navigators could be their long-term calling. At the conclusion of the program, if we decide that is not the case, no problem. They have made an impact for God’s Kingdom, and learned some good ministry and leadership skills which they can take with them into the marketplace or another ministry. If we do sense Navigator ministry is their long-term calling, then they can continue with us on staff with more confidence that they are doing what God wants.
On the next page, you will meet our first EDGEr, Chloe Cai. May she be the first of many!

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