September 2011

chrispatI’ve heard it said that there are two resources necessary for ministry to happen…people and funds. I’ve also heard it said that it’s easier to trust God to provide the latter than the former! Not sure if that’s true, but you may recall me mentioning in our March NavNews that we’ve been asking God to provide us with more full-time staff. He has answered!

Chris and Pat Lian joined last month. Chris was a lecturer at St. Andrews J.C. Previously he was a volunteer with our teen ministry and headed the post-secondary ministry. Along with serving as a deacon at his church, he and Pat currently enjoy a fruitful ministry in their church among young adults and families.

Chris will be taking over our ministry at NTU next year, and Pat already serves as our Communications Executive. This is a big step for them, leaving a good salary to come on support with three young children.


In our June NavNews, I mentioned that Viloane and Patricia Ko would be taking over our ministry at NP. The plan was for them to be volunteer leaders. After I wrote, Viloane decided he was enjoying ministry too much to do it on a part-time basis. Leaving his A*STAR job at NUS, he and Pat also joined our full-time staff last month. This is after a number of years of faithful ministry by both of them at NP and SP.

We prayed and God answered. As with the early disciples, Jesus still calls some to “cast down their nets” and follow Him.

Is He calling you? If so, what a privilege to be “set apart for the gospel of God.” (Romans 1:1)

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