September 2010

June-2010When I was a college student, I was invited to my first Navigator “vacation training programme.” For 9 weeks, I lived with 30 other Navigator students in a fraternity house in Boston. We were put into teams with a team leader. During the day we worked at regular jobs. At night and on the weekends, we did Bible study, heard messages, did evangelism and had fun team activities.

It was amazing—the positive changes that took place in my character and walk with God over those 9 weeks…all because I was exposed to a training environment.

The Apostle Paul would not have been surprised at these changes. He knew that spiritual transformation doesn’t just happen. The Holy Spirit helps, but we have a part to play as well…engaging in the spiritual disciplines, getting close enough to others so that character flaws can be observed and addressed. Indeed, Paul tells Timothy, “train yourself to be godly.” (1 Tim. 4:7)

We had a recent university ministry vacation training program.   This was the first university training program we have held for a long time. It was such success that we plan to do one each year!

Our mission as Navigators is to raise labourers. I think these vacation training programs will play a vital part in seeing that mission accomplished.

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