Community Ministries

Who We Are

Our community ministries comprise The Navigators 20s-30s (NTT), NavTech and the Nav-Community Ministry (NCM). These ministries help working adults continue their disciple-making ministry in their spheres of influence and walk alongside them in the myriad challenges of career and family life. We have a large group of alumni who are experts and established professionals in their fields providing the resources and network to enable others to run the race as followers of Jesus in our careers and to finish well.

What We Do

We equip mature believers to be witnesses for Jesus Christ and provide them with the know-how to establish younger believers in their knowledge of God through prayer, fellowship, and the study of God’s Word.

We meet across the island in small mentoring groups. We also organise interest-groups events and seminars that cover recreation, family life, Christian discipleship, life-skills and career development.