Campus Ministries

Who We Are

We are a community of believers in God who seek to make campuses our mission field by investing in lives.

The Navigators ministries was founded over 75 years ago by Dawson Trotman who was spurred by a fierce devotion to God and a determination to share it with others. His method was to help each believer know Christ in such a way that he will be able to help others do the same.

We have ministries in universities, polytechnics and ITE colleges across Singapore and are affiliated with The Navigators ministries worldwide.

What We Do

We desire to reach out to campus students by sharing the gospel in ways that are relevant to their lives and to help believers mature in their relationship with God so that they can in turn reach the lost and help others mature in Christ. Our fellowship includes small group bible-studies, Investigative bible-studies for seekers, discipleship mentoring, outreach, sports, vacation training programmes, cross-cultural trips, camps and retreats.