March 2019

We are thankful to God for a good start to the year following the annual appeal for our Kingdom Advancement Fund (KAF) 2019. The projected needs this fiscal year was $208,152 and the Lord has graciously provided once again. KAF supports the development of our leaders at the national-level, our field and administrative staff and operations.

What was originally a second appeal for KAF 2019 is now a “thank you letter”. The amount for KAF 2019 was raised in 1.5 months. This was quicker than expected and the generosity of His people was a speedy answer to our prayers. Here, we observe that God’s promise holds true. He will provide all we need as long as we focus on advancing His Kingdom and His righteousness (see Matthew 6:33).

Thank you for your faithful prayers and gifts. Your contributions continue to make the local Navigator work possible. Lorne Sanny, second President of The Navigators, once explained that we need the “vision to see what needs to be done, faith to believe it can be done, and the courage to get it done”. We believe your understanding of The Navigators Calling and the legacy of spiritual generations is vital to this work. Also, your pledges demonstrate recognition of staff efforts in this. Should God still lead you to give towards KAF, we will humbly accept it for next year’s expenses, should no urgent need arise.

While the Lord has enabled The Navigators Singapore to accomplish the things that He has put on our hearts, pray that we will faithfully steward the resources He has so blessed us with.

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