March 2014

EDGE1“Nothing significant happens for the Kingdom of God without faith and sacrifice.”

My friend Tom Yeakley, a field director of the U.S. Navigators, (featured on page 6 of NavNews March 2014) shared this with me when I was deciding to leave my law practice to go full-time with The Navigators.

We are looking for significant things to happen in the next few years through the EDGE program , a one- to two-year programme for young staff on campuses.  We had a recent EDGE Preview for 20 young graduates and students who would be graduationg in the next couple of years.  For each of these who attended the Preview, though, it is going to require faith and sacrifice to join EDGE.

There are things standing in each of their ways. For some, it is the objection of non-Christian parents, and in some cases, even Christian parents. We graciously have to help these students and grads understand that yes, one has to honor one’s parents, but if God is calling one to go full-time, responding positively to that call takes precedence even over a parent’s objection.

Another thing that stands in the way of some is that fact that joining EDGE might set them behind in their careers. Can God take care of a one- or two-year gap in someone’s career plan? Yes. Does it require faith to believe that? Yes.

The quote of C.T. Studd, well-known missionary to China, India and Africa, comes to mind. “If Jesus Christ be God and died for me, then no sacrifice can be too great for me to make for Him.” May God give us some C.T. Studds.

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