March 2013

20130213_093916“Fundraising is, first and foremost, a form of ministry.  It is a way of announcing our vision and inviting other people into our mission.”  So writes theologian Henri J. M. Nouwen in his book, A Spirituality of Fundraising.  Nouwen continues, “Fundraising is also always a call to conversion.  It is a shift of attention in which we set our mind on divine things.”

The ministry of The Navigators is supported solely by the gifts of families, friends and churches.  We have no central fund to pay our staff salaries and administrative expenses.  Yet we have often shied away from the vital ministry of fundraising.

To do better, we have asked long-time staff member Royston Koh to focus his attention on “donor ministry.”  Royston knows our ministries inside and out, having personally ministered to students, professionals, churches, and alumni-community people.  He is the ideal person to “announce our vision and invite other people into our mission” through their resources, helping them to “set their minds on divine things.”  He is also someone who can relate to current donors, thanking them personally for their support and, as needed, provide counsel regarding spiritual needs.  I know you will enjoy getting to know him!

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