June 2019

Kevin, Aaron (both in black) and Haley (in pink) from NavTech, together with other live responders, reaching out to people online during the recent Celebration of Hope rally. (Image credit: Roger Yeo)

By Roger Yeo, Director of NavTech

“Souls are more important than sleep!” proclaimed a live responder during the recent Celebration of Hope (COH) rally (17-19 May). Despite having to stay up till 2:30 a.m., this live responder remained committed, as she chatted online with a contact who had made a decision to follow Jesus, after watching a live-streaming of the rally.

I head the NavTech ministry. My team, together with digital strategists from different organisations and churches, were able to collaborate and make possible the live-streaming of the nightly COH sessions. We thank God that these videos on the hope we have in Christ have garnered a total of 832,000 views.

Questions and comments from people online were filtered through a chatbot and then channelled to live responders. In this manner, we were able to interact with virtual COH attendees. Consequently, more than 20 people were directed to churches, 26 had an opportunity to have spiritual conversations, four rededicated their lives and two prayed to receive Jesus!

During those three days, COH watch parties happened throughout Singapore, as communities gathered to watch the live-stream together. Testimonies of people coming to faith after COH were aplenty. One group in Yew Tee reported that 30 residents gathered with two rededications and two making a first-time commitment.

We thank God continually for your partnership through your faithful giving and prayers. If you would like to catch up on the COH night sessions, you may watch the latest videos on their Facebook page @CelebrationOfHope.sg. Let us continue to pray that many will be reached and discipled through new frontiers in technology, especially in this tech-savvy generation.

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