June 2011

June-2011P.Y., our campus director at NUS, is moving to Thailand.

Opening a student work in Bangkok is a high priority for the Asia-Pacific Navigators. Some unique circumstances have made it clear that PY should take this on. He, his wife, and their two young children moved from the U.S. to Singapore three years ago. We will miss them, but are excited that they are getting the chance to “advance the Kingdom” in a new country. Please pray for their quick adjustment.

Their departure means we need a new director at NUS. We are excited that we have another missionary available to take on this role. J.K., and his wife C.H., moved from Korea to Singapore 10 years ago. Initially J.K. assisted at NUS, but after three years he was asked to take over a flagging ministry at Ngee Ann Poly. Starting with literally one student, he and some NP and NUS grads worked hard and the Lord blessed. The ministry spread to next door SIM, and soon he was asked to take on Singapore Poly as well. Now, between the two Polys and SIM, J.K. and C.H. are ministering to over 100 students and grads. Along with this large ministry, J.K. has always given special attention to a few key people. Two of these he met during his years at NUS … V.K., whom he led to Christ, and Xue, whom he followed up. They were a couple of the NUS grads who joined him at NP, where he continued to disciple them. Because of his faithful investment in these men, V.K. is now ready to take over the ministry at NP, and Xue to take over at SP. This means that J.K. and C.H. can move back to NUS and direct the ministry there.

What’s exciting about this? The Y family are freed up to be missionaries in Thailand because another man, over the years, went deep with a few key guys. J.K’s investment has produced leaders, leaders who can replace him so that he can move to a another campus. A good reminder to all of us that if we want to broaden our ministry, we often need to narrow it….giving careful attention (as the Master did) to a few.

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