July 2019

(L-R) James, a student in University of the South Pacific in Fiji, with NUS labourer Jerrell See. (Image credit: Ryoo Jae Kwan)

National University of Singapore (NUS) ministry staff Ryoo Jae Kwan and Jerrell See, together with three other labourers, met James* during their recent one-month mission trip to Fiji. James was in the middle of his Degree in Biology exams and, being the eldest son in the family, was stressed with the burden of excelling academically. He paused his studies and listened attentively to the two strangers as they shared their testimonies.

When they were done, James gave them a pained look and began to pour out his heart. “Because of my family and personal problems, on my way to school just now, I had decided to commit suicide.” He collected himself and said with renewed hope, “Now I know God is stopping me by sending you to me. Thank you.”

When they met again the following week, they explained the gospel clearly through the Bridge to Life Illustration. That was when James accepted Christ and gave thanks for his new life. They would follow-up with him on Lessons on Assurance before having a local staff take over.

James is one of the 850,000 people in Fiji, 65% of whom claim to be Christians since Christianity is their main religion. The Fiji mission trippers had long spiritual conversations with over 60 youths, out of which 21 made decisions to receive Christ, with a number of them currently being followed-up. We thank the Fijian Navigators who partnered with the Singapore team to make the outreach in various universities possible.

Besides the Fiji work, there have been a series of overseas trips: from the ongoing mid-term work in Bangkok, Thailand and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to Utsunomiya in Japan and São Paulo in Brazil.

It has been a blessed time of encouragement hearing from our labourers on their exploits in the harvest field. Thank you for your faithful prayers and contributions to the outreach efforts beyond our shores. Please pray for the empowering of the Holy Spirit on our disciplemakers that they will joyfully continue in their labour of love.

*not his real name

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