February 2019

(From left) Chan Hye and Jae Kwan, with a Korean translator for Kim Meng and his wife, Beow Kheng, when Kim Meng addressed close to 300 attendees at Hanyang University. (Image credit: HYU)

Thank you for faithfully praying and giving to the Navigator work in Singapore. My wife, Beow Kheng, and I visited Navigator leaders in South Korea from 6-13 December 2018. There, we officially thanked them for providing The Navigators Singapore with the Ryoos for the past 18 years.

Ryoo Jae Kwan and Chan Hye, ministry leaders of National University of Singapore (NUS) Navs, have undoubtedly demonstrated sacrificial and single-minded commitment to God’s calling in Singapore. There, we took the opportunity to affirm the couple and their work for the Lord. They have certainly been a tremendous blessing to us.

During the same trip, I had the privilege of sharing with people from Hanyang University (HYU) in Seoul. The Navigator work there began only 30 years ago. With intentional emphasis on discipling spiritual generations who will teach others to do the same, they are thriving as a campus and community ministry. Today, they own a five-storey building on HYU campus and have since sent out 12 groups of missionaries globally!

With East Asia being “closed off” recently, it is evident that if we do not continue making disciples and sending missionaries, ministries will wither away. Because the salvation of souls is important, equipping and empowering labourers to go and make disciples is crucial for the long term. Hence, as we labour, we need to commission our labourers to seek their Timothy. Will you pray alongside us in this work?

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