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Scripture Memory App

Posted on 06 Oct 2022

Scripture Memory has been a hallmark of the Navigators movement.

In the 1930s, our founder Dawson Trotman picked a number of Bible verses to get the Word of God into the hearts of sailors he was discipling. The verses were modelled from The Navigator Wheel and printed on cards that could fit exactly into the sailors’ uniforms’ front pocket. This worked well because the sailors could review their verses whenever they wanted.

It was later in the 1940s that the system formally became The Topical Memory System, which has been a helpful discipleship tool for years. You can now find it on websites, as an app or in print.

Since access to technology has become ubiquitous, there is no better way than to pick up your mobile phones from your “front pockets” and to review memory verses whenever you want. You can now do so via our new web application:

This Scripture Memory web application allows you to:

  1. Review verses from the popular Topical Memory System, the 5 Assurances and more.
  2. Create your personalized list of Scripture Memory packs that you can carry wherever you go.
  3. Build customised Scripture Memory packs to share with others in your life-to-life discipling.

Scripture Memory is about getting God’s Word into our hearts. Use this app to help you do that in your everyday life.