ENLARGE — Nicholas Cheng Testimony

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ENLARGE — Nicholas Cheng Testimony

Posted on 13 Oct 2022

Nicholas Cheng (NUS labourer)

Nicholas is a Research Fellow at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and is actively involved in the NUS Ministry.

Nicholas Cheng

What does “Enlarge the place of your tent” (Isaiah 54:2-3) mean to you?

I joined the NUS ministry when I was a freshman. Doing a PhD is like having a full-time job, wherein on a day-to-day basis, I carry out research tasks and present my research at conferences.

.Nicholas Cheng Poster Presentation
Nicholas giving a poster presentation at a local research conference

Reaching and Discipling Students

In addition to my research work, the Lord has also blessed me with the privilege of investing in the lives of various individuals.



 Benjamin is one of the men that Nicholas disciples.


I met Benjamin when he was a freshman at NUS. I taught him the ropes of following Jesus through dedicated time in the Word of God and prayer. Over time, I taught him how to invest his life in discipling others. 

During the COVID-19 social distancing period when in-person meetups were restricted, Benjamin met up with several others over Zoom.



Meeting via Zoom during the COVID-19 Social Distancing period


The Lord has used each one of them to enlarge my faith as I pray for each of them to live lives that bring glory to Jesus. I learnt that God uses people to help me enlarge my faith, love and devotion to the Lord.


Benjamin with one of his disciples, Addi (far right) having lunch with a pre-believing friend (far left).
They also read the Bible together, so that Addi can learn how to disciple others.


Love and Servanthood in Life Training

I have been leading the NUS life training apartment for the past two years, where we learn to grow in servanthood through daily service and chores. I invited Benjamin and his disciples to stay at our life-training apartment. We also extend invitations to people we are ministering to for dinner. Through our interactions and the sharing of our lives, Benjamin has also learnt how to pass on his life to someone else.

God used the apartment training to enlarge my emotional capacity, moulding me to become more like Jesus through learning to serve in love.



Guys from the NUS Ministry (from left to right) — Bryan (who was discipled by Benjamin), Nicholas, Jovi, Benjamin (discipled by Nicholas), Samuel


What keeps you going?

I was ministered by this verse from my Quiet Time recently:

“If you have raced with men on foot and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses? If you stumble in safe country, how will you manage in the thickets by the Jordon?” — Jeremiah 12:5

I thank God for the past few years of learning how to race with men on foot so that I may compete with horses for a lifetime.