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Answering God's Call

Posted on 25 May 2023




How has the Navigators’ life-on-life discipleship made a difference in your life?


Life-on-life discipleship has profoundly impacted me in many ways.

Observing the lives of my discipler and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ has allowed me to witness true spirituality in action. Prior to my involvement with the Navigators, it was merely the theological knowledge and concepts that I was passionate about as a believer.

Life-on-life discipleship has helped me to see how the Word of God can be practically applied and lived out in the midst of real-life challenges, uncertainties and decisions that I have to make.

I am incredibly blessed to be part of a devoted fellowship that gathers regularly. I have the privilege of learning from the lives of mature believers as we openly share our personal experiences.

Additionally, I am grateful for my discipler who has shown me what it truly means to follow Jesus as she opened up to me about her life. These individuals, who are in such close proximity to me, constantly inspire and challenge me.

Previously, I had only heard of people in the Bible who wholeheartedly dedicated their lives to God. However, now I have the privilege of witnessing ordinary people in the present day who exemplify this commitment. They take up their cross daily and follow Jesus in unique and remarkable ways. It is the spiritual aspect of their lives that resonate with me deeply.


Share a few encouraging stories of individuals in your life-on-life discipling ministry.

The stories that truly inspire me are the life changes in students.

For instance, there was one girl, A, who struggled with social anxiety as a result of past trauma. When she initially joined our group, she was afraid of becoming part of a community to the extent that she couldn't gather the courage to build relationships with us. 

However, over the course of three years, we witnessed her remarkable growth. She not only led a few people to Christ but is currently actively ministering to them. This is a testament to the transformative power of God within her.

Another heartwarming encouragement came from witnessing a shift in purpose within the lives of individuals.

Previously, C and J were more focused on their own personal interests and pursuits. However, through discipleship and personally investing in their lives, I am immensely grateful to see a transformation in their priorities and purpose. They now prioritise God's Kingdom and the salvation of souls rather than just their own pursuits in the world.

It is inspiring to witness their intentional and deliberate efforts to share the gospel with their friends, family, and colleagues, driven by their own conviction. Furthermore, they willingly extend spiritual help to those in need.

I am truly grateful to God for His great work in the lives of these individuals.


Joy's discipleship group


What motivated you to join the Navigators as a gift-income staff?

Last year, God challenged me to surrender my passion for art and my earthly pursuits and devote myself to His Kingdom in full-time ministry work. Hence, I took the step to embark on God's calling for me!

When I encountered the Navigators during my time as a polytechnic student, I realised that God had revealed my life's purpose to me — a clear vision of God's salvation plan, which involves raising godly individuals who will in turn disciple others.

The Navigator work vividly expresses this vision in a practical manner. It is difficult for me to imagine working elsewhere, as the Navigators’ clear and tangible expression of this vision deeply resonates with me.


What is your vision and prayer request(s)?

I believe that the gospel is the answer to a perishing and wounded world and that the new creation starts and advances through God's people.

Each believer is an important part of this renewal, and we should continually grow, and let salvation take its fullness in our life, which includes bearing fruit.

The vision that God has instilled in my heart is that every believer has the potential to become a spiritual minister.

Psalm 110:3 speaks of young individuals who will rise up as a mighty army for Jesus. It is my prayer that the next generation whom I’ve had the privilege to disciple will continue to develop their skills, nurture their hearts and strengthen their courage for God and His Kingdom.

May they rise up to be a blessing to many as they lead others into obedience to Christ.




About Joy

Joy has been serving with the polytechnic campus ministry since her time as a student.
Formerly trained in digital art in school, she once aspired to be a professional artist, but God had other plans in store for her.

As of March 2023, she officially came onboard as a gift-income staff with the Navigators. Her purpose is to be more available and mobile in her service to God in order to establish strong spiritual foundations among students that will have a lasting impact on future generations.


Joy's artpiece (below):



(left) A painting called 'The Revelation' is about how everything
in creation, the scriptures, and the present-day church
culminates in the ultimate figure of Jesus Christ.