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Growing in Christ

Posted on 23 Jan 2024

If you have completed Book 1 on Knowing Christ, this study will be of immediate value to you as you move into the next stage of your life as a Christian. This study focuses on crucial and foundational topics upon which your growth will be based on.

In this study you will learn what it means to acknowledge Jesus Christ as your Lord. Then you will be introduced to some key concepts of spiritual growth encapsulated in the Wheel Illustration. This illustration captures the dynamic interplay of several spiritual practices such as reading/studying the Word of God, Prayer, Fellowship and Witnessing.

The best way to benefit from these Bible studies is to study the chapters regularly. Many have found completing a chapter a week manageable. You will benefit more by personally answering the questions before meeting your Bible Study leader for discussion and clarification. He or she will treasure your discoveries. If time is an issue, do a section (sub-topic) of the chapter each time and discuss your discoveries subsequently.

It should be emphasised that knowing truths is only half the value. The other important principle is to apply the truths to your personal life. This is usually addressed at the end of each chapter. Head knowledge does not lead to life change.

As you do the studies, you will also be learning how to do systematic Bible Study. The content will gradually increase in depth as you continue the process. Questions are designed to help the disciple observe and extract Biblical truths for daily living. As you grow and mature, our eventual desire is that you would be ready to do independent Bible Study. Subsequent materials will help you reach this goal.

Have a great learning journey!

Download the PDF here!