December 2013

Dec-2013“The Best Year Ever.”

This was the subject line of an e-mail recently sent by one of our senior staff. We had just finished our annual reporting days where each ministry shares what God has done during the year.  The staff man was reflecting on what he had heard.


I think I would agree with our staff’s assessment, at least in comparison to the recent past. This year we saw 97 people receive Christ, our highest number for a long time. And this number does not include those not involved in our ministries, such as the many relatives who came to faith through a Navigator son or daughter.


We held a national conference, something we have not done for many years. We started EDGE, a new staff recruitment program which holds great promise. We expanded our polytechnic ministry into another school, and are making evangelistic forays into yet another. And finally, as a start to raising up a wave of new young missionaries, we sent two short-term mission teams to assist a flourishing campus work in East Asia.


For many years the Singapore Navigators have prayed over Isaiah 60:22. “The least of you will become a thousand, the smallest a mighty nation. I am the Lord; in its time I will do this swiftly.” What I like about this verse is not only the fact that God promises to take something small and make it significant. I also like the fact that, if God so chooses, He can make this happen quickly.


Is now the time when God wants to grow things “swiftly?” I don’t know, but the pace has certainly picked up!


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