December 2012


This has been quite a year for the Singapore Navigators … our 50th Anniversary!  You would think that being so “old” we would have taken it easy.  On the contrary, it was full-speed ahead.  We launched two new ministries … one at Republic Polytechnic, and one to 20 and 30 year-olds.  We hosted a first-time-ever Navigator conference for students from around Asia, with over 300 coming from 8 countries.  Of course, we had some special anniversary events as well:

  • a Topical Memory System Challenge (completed by 46 who were each able to repeat the 60 verses of the TMS word-perfect, at one session)
  • a prayer walk across the “length” of Singapore (where 130 completed the promise of Genesis 13:17, given to our founder Roy Robertson, who walked the “breadth of the land” 50 years ago),
  • the publication of our anniversary commemorative book, “With Eyes Singled to His Glory” (containing heart-warming stories of God’s faithfulness for the past 50 years)
  • a celebratory dinner with almost 800 attending (including past missionaries, staff, and volunteers, and many clergy and marketplace leaders who have been discipled by our ministries)

Thank you for your partnership these last 50 years.

May you experience the angels’ promise of “great joy,” as well as our sincerest appreciation, this Christmas. (Luke 2:10)

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