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September 2019

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Over the past few months I have been reading the passages surrounding one of the key verses for our Navigators’ generational Vision—2 Timothy 2:2. These passages motivate me to faithfully persevere in advancing the gospel in spite of suffering.

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August 2019

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It’s that time of the year that we stand together with the rest of our countrymen to celebrate our national day. This year, Singapore celebrates her bicentennial anniversary of Sir Stamford Raffles’ landing in Singapore, as well as her 54th birthday since her independence from the Federation of Malaysia in 1965.

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March 2019

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We are thankful to God for a good start to the year following the annual appeal for our Kingdom Advancement Fund (KAF) 2019. The projected needs this fiscal year was $208,152 and the Lord has graciously provided once again. KAF supports the development of our leaders at the national-level, our field and administrative staff and operations.

What was originally a second appeal for KAF 2019 is now a “thank you letter”. The amount for KAF 2019 was raised in 1.5 months. This was quicker than expected and the generosity of His people was a speedy answer to our prayers. Here, we observe that God’s promise holds true. He will provide all we need as long as we focus on advancing His Kingdom and His righteousness (see Matthew 6:33).

Thank you for your faithful prayers and gifts. Your contributions continue to make the local Navigator work possible. Lorne Sanny, second President of The Navigators, once explained that we need the “vision to see what needs to be done, faith to believe it can be done, and the courage to get it done”. We believe your understanding of The Navigators Calling and the legacy of spiritual generations is vital to this work. Also, your pledges demonstrate recognition of staff efforts in this. Should God still lead you to give towards KAF, we will humbly accept it for next year’s expenses, should no urgent need arise.

While the Lord has enabled The Navigators Singapore to accomplish the things that He has put on our hearts, pray that we will faithfully steward the resources He has so blessed us with.

February 2019

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(From left) Chan Hye and Jae Kwan, with a Korean translator for Kim Meng and his wife, Beow Kheng, when Kim Meng addressed close to 300 attendees at Hanyang University. (Image credit: HYU)

Thank you for faithfully praying and giving to the Navigator work in Singapore. My wife, Beow Kheng, and I visited Navigator leaders in South Korea from 6-13 December 2018. There, we officially thanked them for providing The Navigators Singapore with the Ryoos for the past 18 years.

Ryoo Jae Kwan and Chan Hye, ministry leaders of National University of Singapore (NUS) Navs, have undoubtedly demonstrated sacrificial and single-minded commitment to God’s calling in Singapore. There, we took the opportunity to affirm the couple and their work for the Lord. They have certainly been a tremendous blessing to us.

During the same trip, I had the privilege of sharing with people from Hanyang University (HYU) in Seoul. The Navigator work there began only 30 years ago. With intentional emphasis on discipling spiritual generations who will teach others to do the same, they are thriving as a campus and community ministry. Today, they own a five-storey building on HYU campus and have since sent out 12 groups of missionaries globally!

With East Asia being “closed off” recently, it is evident that if we do not continue making disciples and sending missionaries, ministries will wither away. Because the salvation of souls is important, equipping and empowering labourers to go and make disciples is crucial for the long term. Hence, as we labour, we need to commission our labourers to seek their Timothy. Will you pray alongside us in this work?

January 2019

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A group of our labourers enjoying an evening of fellowship in Thailand. (Image credit: Lee Sukyu)

Happy New Year! As you may recall, our “100-50-2” Missions Launch happened at the beginning of 2018. Our intention was to set aside $100,000 to enable 50 labourers to advance the Navigator work overseas where they will reside for two months.

We ventured out in faith, and by the end of 2018, the Lord answered our prayer by sending 50 labourers into nine nations! These locations included Taiwan, Freetown, Sierra Leone; Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam; Yangon, Myanmar; Bangkok, Thailand; Bandung, Indonesia; New Delhi, India and Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru in neighbouring Malaysia. Since July 2018, a labourer was also called on the quiet to the Middle East as a student. When he returns in April, he will evaluate if he will finish his four-year tenure. We look forward to hearing from him then.

Because of the “100-50-2” Missions Launch, two labourers felt the Lord challenging them to return to the country they served in for six months, with another indicating a desire to return for a year. Additionally, there has been an encouraging number of decisions made for Christ in Vietnam. Hence, we hope to send more labourers there, for longer periods, to help establish these young converts. Finally, some labourers are praying for Japan and we sense their hearts for the nation growing.

In 2019, we are led to cry, “Do it again, Lord!” (see Habakkuk 3:2), as we trust God to raise more mid-term cross-cultural labourers. Will you pray with us for another 50 labourers to go forth? Thank you for faithfully standing alongside us in prayer and supporting the Navigator work in Singapore, Asia and beyond. May your new year be fruitful, abounding with God’s favour and truth.

December 2018

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The Navigators administrative staff kicked off the festive season with a Nav Staff Family Christmas Day on Sunday 2 December. They reiterate the Great Commission for many of the ministries conducting their own Christmas outreach events this month.

December is here! As 2018 draws to a close, we are grateful to the Lord for enabling and empowering us throughout the year. We are also keenly and deeply aware that the prayers and gifts of our ministry partners have been instrumental in enabling our work both locally and beyond. Thank you for coming alongside us.

The spiritual heartbeat of what we do harkens back to the first advent—the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. As it says in Galatians 4:4, “But when the fullness of the time came, God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under the Law” (NASB). Because He came, we have much joy and hope to share with everyone. While attending a Buddhist Network Forum in October, I heard an account of how Jesus impacted a Buddhist community in North Thailand. Everyone at the forum was reminded that “The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighbourhood” (John 1:14 MSG). We do not introduce religion and church to people. We bring Jesus into the lives of people through our love and example.

The gospel is really Good News and we deeply desire to bring it to those in our neighbourhoods who do not know Christ. During this festive season, teens in TheNavTeens (TNT), youths from our campus ministries and members of our community ministries will all be sharing this wonderful news to their respective communities.

Moving forward, we anticipate the Lord to move powerfully in our midst, especially as we pray for more of our people to go beyond our shores to share the Good News in the coming year. Once again, thank you for being such a wonderful partner in the faith and ministry. May God’s richest favour be upon you and yours this Christmas!

To support us financially, do read the details of the Kingdom Advancement Fund 2019 and make a pledge today!

November 2018

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Desmond and I were privileged to share on “Effectively Serving Field Ministry” and “A National Director’s Views on Administration” during the Africa Administrators’ Forum.
Image credit: Timm Njuguna

Desmond Hong, our office administrator, and I were in Nairobi, Kenya from 2-5 October for the inaugural Africa Administrators’ Forum. It involved 14 African countries, Singapore and USA with a total of 25 staff present. All of us enjoyed a blessed time of fellowship.

In his keynote address, Edward Mupada who serves as Africa regional director of The Navigators reminded us of the early church’s focus on administration. He explained that the apostles selected seven deacons to implement this overlooked work of service (see Acts6:1-8). During his address, we also reflected on the importance of administrative skills, as seen in Joseph’s story (see Genesis 37-50). Just as Aaron and Hur supported Moses by lifting his hands and rod so they could win a battle for God (see Exodus 17:12), our administrative staff are certainly important in supporting the national Navigator ministry.

Back in our region, seven of our staff headed to Kuala Lumpur for the Asia-Pacific Leadership Team’s Conference from 25-29 October. This was immediately followed by a three-day Buddhist Network Forum. International President of The Navigators Mutua Mahiaini inspired us with this message, “If you have been where I have been and seen what I have seen, you wouldn’t want to change your direction of following God, nor forgo His purposes. Because He is powerful to fulfil what He has set out to accomplish—the redemption of the world through what His Son Jesus Christ has done.”

Thank you for your prayer support and gifts of love that help sustain the Navigator work in Singapore. We are deeply grateful and appreciative! Together, let us continue following God and pursuing His purposes without wavering.

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Asia-Pacific Leadership Team’s Conference saw seven NavStaff in KL in end October.
The Buddhist Network Forum gave the attendees and our NavStaff insights into how the Word has transformed the lives of the devout.

October 2018

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At the FOMOS’ “Praying for the World” session, NUS Navigators staff Chan Hye praying in Korean for the most persecuted nation in the world – North Korea.
Image credit: Yap Beow Kheng

Imagine a world map. Now imagine a world map twice the size of a badminton court. Further, think of a map with the geographical area of the top 10 most persecuted countries in the world enlarged.

26 of our Navigator staff were amongst 250 Christian workers from 20 mission agencies, including YWAM, CRU, OM, OMF and Wycliffe who gathered at Faith Methodist Church for “Praying for the World”. Held on 25 September, this session was part of an annual gathering with Fellowship of Missional Organisations of Singapore (FOMOS).

Walking and praying on a map of this proportion was a truly invigorating experience. The session focused on praying for difficult to reach nations, with North Korea drawing the largest number of prayers. Someone prompted for a Korean to pray in their native tongue. That was when Chan Hye, our NUS Nav staff, stood up and prayed. It was a special moment.

As we all sang “The Task Unfinished”, I felt our hearts beating as one. This song was first produced by OMF International in a bid to raise 200 missionaries for East Asia back in 1929. It was certainly a joy and encouragement to fellowship with other like-minded, mission-oriented believers.

Thank you for blessing our hearts with your faithful support and prayers. Our labourers and staff have completed their month-long trips and have all returned. A couple of short-term trips are scheduled for December. Your giving has certainly enabled us to continually make known the gospel of Jesus Christ both here and beyond and to help others do the same.

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1 Corinthians 12:26 ESV If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honoured, all rejoice together.
Staff from various Christian organisations pray for the top 10 persecuted countries in the world, atop a world map that is unfurled to the fullest for the first time.

September 2018

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From left: Chris Liu, Abner Yee, Phek Tin and Robert Goh enjoying local cuisine and reaching out to locals during their short-term mission trip in Vietnam. (Image credit Robert.)

Admittedly, when we share the Good News in Singapore these days, it no longer feels like the “Good News”. It seems like whoever we share with has heard it before and few are really excited to receive it. Rather than be discouraged by this lukewarm response, we should certainly pray ceaselessly for our Lord to move the hearts of those who hear. We need to continue infecting everyone with the joy we experience because our God is truly good—yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Beyond our shores, the reverse is true. The Good News is certainly still newsworthy and received as when originally proclaimed by Jesus and His early followers. Recently, two of our staff, Chris Liu and Abner Yee, visited Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for 10 days. During their stay, they met two separate individuals who were interested in practicing English. In the course of their interaction, these individuals had the opportunity to hear the gospel, discuss it further and eventually, make professions of faith! Praise the Lord! They are now followed up by other local believers. Our two staff were clearly moved by how the Holy Spirit had touched the lives of these individuals.

As we continue to rejoice in the Good News, we also desire to press on in sending more to share it, even to other countries like Indochina. Pray with us for labourers in our midst to be willing to go, especially for longer stints.

Read about their trip to Vietnam in our latest September NavNews issue!


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