August 2018

During a panel discussion on the CORE, National Director Yap Kim Meng asks how many labourers and staff have unsaved family members. He urges them to proclaim the good news at home too.

We had our second annual Labourers’ Day on 21 July and what a fantastic day it was! The Lord blessed us with beautiful weather, great fellowship and enriching discussions as close to 200 of our staff and key labourers gathered at The Navigators Singapore Office.

Throughout the day, our souls were nourished as we heard various ones share their devotion thoughts and stories, engaged in group discussions and most importantly, had the Nav CORE—Calling, Values, Vision explained and clarified. It was truly encouraging to witness our labourers interacting as they shared stories of who they are, how they got involved with The Navigators and how the Nav CORE is demonstrated in their respective ministries.

It is important for us in The Navigators to return to the CORE—the foundation of why we do what we do. Initially, we were happy with the motto “To Know Christ and to Make Him Known®”. Later, the phrase “And to Help Others Do the Same” was added. We were also happy with the 3Es—Evangelising, Establishing and Equipping. But The Navigators is more than the sum of these.

Our Calling is “To advance the Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom into the nations through spiritual generations of labourers living and discipling among the lost”. If we are not clear of our Calling and of our identity in Christ, we can be busy with many good things but still miss the crux of what we are all about. Our God is a generational God. We need to be sent as Jesus was sent by the Father. Ultimately, it is upon us to determine if we are willing to pay the price to reach out to and disciple our loved ones, our neighbours and the lost beyond the shores of Singapore.

Read about our desire to make spiritual generations to advance God’s Kingdom!

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