April 2019

Breakfast at Waves Café in Tonga during a fundraising training seminar in mid-February. (L-R) Director of Development Royston Koh, Director of The NavTeens Chiang Kiam Siong and National Director of Tonga Navigators Paula Taufa.

By Royston Koh, Director of Development

“Why bother with a loser?” Simeon’s voice cracked as he recalled the time Paula Taufa had spent with him, when he was a hardcore prisoner.

Paula is National Director of Tonga Navigators, with a full-time vocation as Country Manager of the largest local oil and gas company. Every Sunday, Paula visits a dozen inmates and teaches them the Bible. He also studies the Scripture with top executives of MNCs and with the royal family. After Simeon’s release, Paula invited the homeless man to stay with him. Love won Simeon over. Today, he is a transformed man.

For years, the Taufas’ home was the centre for the Tonga ministry. As the work continues expanding, a building is now required. This being their first time raising funds for a major project, Paula wrote to us, requesting for help. In response, Director of The NavTeens Chiang Kiam Siong and I flew to Tonga and held a fundraising training seminar with them.

Kiam Siong shared how in spite of his anxiety, God met his needs when he first started fundraising. He explained how God is the source of all our possessions. Just as King David prayed in 1 Chronicles 29:14, ” … who am I, and who are my people, that we should be able to give as generously as this? Everything comes from you, and we have given you only what comes from your hand.” Paula remarked, “We are motivated to pray and trust God to lead us. The project is bigger than all of us, but we are grateful that God is bigger!”

Thank you for your faithful giving. We thank God as you help to supply our needs and make this ministry possible. Please pray for the Tonga Navigators’ fundraising efforts and for the building. Pray for the locals to give joyfully and generously to the project (see 1 Chronicles 29:9).

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