April 2018

Reverend Dr. E. N. Poulson from my church, Grace Baptist, passed away in October 2017. As a young missionary in the early 1950s, he was bound for Indonesia. He was rerouted to Singapore as he waited for his visa to be cleared. That wait turned out to be for 64 years and he spent his time here preaching the Gospel and teaching the Bible. My heart was stirred to do something not only to honour this man who had given his whole life for the Gospel, but also for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

As such, together with my good friend, Mok Chok Sun, we took the stage on Saturday 14 April for a Gospel outreach event, “2Gs Lunchbyte—GIVE Thanks and ForGIVE”. We shared our personal stories of how having Christ makes all the difference in these two areas of our lives. Why these two “Gs”? These are two areas that many of us find hard to do and they are closely related to the Gospel. Only the Gospel of Jesus can truly give us the power to forgive and be forgiven. Thanksgiving flows out of a forgiven soul.

This Gospel outreach event was held in light of Good Friday and Easter, commemorating our Lord’s death and resurrection. These Christian holidays present us with wonderful opportunities to intentionally share Christ’s love and forgiveness with those around us. The NavTeens (TNT) had an Amazing Race-style evangelistic event dubbed “Escape Death for Dummies” for 130 teens; 125 National University of Singapore (NUS) students had a bible discussion and talk themed “The Kind King”; the Navigators Community Ministry (NCM) hosted a one-day intensive workshop on “Christian Coaching 101” for Nav alumni and their affiliates.

Various ministries in The Navigators Singapore have planned and are planning different outreach events during the upcoming public holidays, like Labour Day and Vesak Day. Would you please pray along with us that lives will be touched, as we go forth boldly and intentionally share what the Lord has done for each and every one of us? We are trusting that God will bring to fruition what He promised in John 14:13 (ESV), “Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.”


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