Yap Kim Meng

Yap Kim Meng has been on staff with The Navigators, Singapore since 1984. He has a passion for disciple-making and leading people to encounter Jesus Christ in the Scriptures. One of the burdens the Lord has placed on Kim Meng is to build on the strong foundations of disciple-making in Singapore, to raise up ‘spiritual generations of labourers who will live and disciple among the lost,’ locally and among the nations. His desire is that every person in the ministries of the Singapore Navigators will lead and serve in their respective ministries with eyes singled to God’s glory.  The motivation and end goal of The Navigators ministries is for the Glory of God and God alone.

September 2011

I’ve heard it said that there are two resources necessary for ministry to happen…people and funds. I’ve also heard it said that it’s easier to trust God to provide the latter than the former! Not sure if that’s true, but you may recall me mentioning in our March NavNews that we’ve been asking God to provide us with more full-time staff. He has answered! Chris and Pat Lian joined last month. Chris was a lecturer at St. Andrews J.C. Previously he was a volunteer with our teen ministry and headed the post-secondary ministry. Along with serving as a deacon at his church, he and Pat currently enjoy a fruitful ministry in their ….

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June 2011

P.Y., our campus director at NUS, is moving to Thailand. Opening a student work in Bangkok is a high priority for the Asia-Pacific Navigators. Some unique circumstances have made it clear that PY should take this on. He, his wife, and their two young children moved from the U.S. to Singapore three years ago. We will miss them, but are excited that they are getting the chance to “advance the Kingdom” in a new country. Please pray for their quick adjustment. Their departure means we need a new director at NUS. We are excited that we have another missionary available to take on this role. J.K., and his wife C.H. ….

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March 2011

Navigator ministry is carried out by two types of people … labourers and full-time staff. Labourers have a regular job, and spend their off hours actively ministering to students, friends and work colleagues. Full-time staff are financially supported by others, and so have their schedule completely free for ministry. Right now we especially need more full-time staff. We sense the Lord is telling us to, “Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes.” (Is. 54:2). Opportunities are presenting themselves to start works at several additional tertiary and ….

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December 2010

Staff recruiting. There are many ministry opportunities before us and we need staff to cover them. So, as Jesus did with a few fishermen, we asked several this year to “cast down their nets” and join us as full-time staff. Two excellent young men responded—one now ministers to university students at NUS, and another will be ministering to secondary school students in February. There are others who are seriously considering the possibility. Please thank God for these two men, and pray that more will join us! ….

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September 2010

When I was a college student, I was invited to my first Navigator “vacation training programme.” For 9 weeks, I lived with 30 other Navigator students in a fraternity house in Boston. We were put into teams with a team leader. During the day we worked at regular jobs. At night and on the weekends, we did Bible study, heard messages, did evangelism and had fun team activities. It was amazing—the positive changes that took place in my character and walk with God over those 9 weeks…all because I was exposed to a training environment….

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June 2010

The Navigators have a God-given vision of multiplying labourers in Singapore and around the world. To help give “voice to the vision” we have been blessed with two excellent communicators… Angeline Koh and Aurelia L. Castro. Angel is one of our field staff who has served as our communications director since 1998. In 2006, she recruited Au from the Philippines, and together they have been writing and producing this quarterly NavNews, updating our website and handling other corporate communication. They have done a fantastic job, receiving ….

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March 2010

The Singapore Navigator ministry to students has been very fruitful over the years. Indeed, I am told that at one point the number of students involved in the Singapore Nav ministries was second only to those involved in the U.S. Nav ministries, which is particularly amazing in light of Singapore’s size relative to the rest of the world. These students, about 10,000 of them over the years (according to former national director Jim Chew), have now graduated and are living and working primarily in Singapore. Our goal for these students while in school has always ….

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