Yap Kim Meng

Yap Kim Meng has been on staff with The Navigators, Singapore since 1984. He has a passion for disciple-making and leading people to encounter Jesus Christ in the Scriptures. One of the burdens the Lord has placed on Kim Meng is to build on the strong foundations of disciple-making in Singapore, to raise up ‘spiritual generations of labourers who will live and disciple among the lost,’ locally and among the nations. His desire is that every person in the ministries of the Singapore Navigators will lead and serve in their respective ministries with eyes singled to God’s glory.  The motivation and end goal of The Navigators ministries is for the Glory of God and God alone.

September 2014

Can you predict what things will look like in your life 5 – 7 years from now? Probably not. Can you have a desire for how those things will look? Certainly! This is the question our staff leaders recently asked … what is our desire for how our ministries will look 5 – 7 years from now; and more importantly, what is God’s desire? What is His vision for our future? After much discussion and prayer, we believe God has given us that vision: “A new wave of disciple-makers for Singapore, Asia and beyond.” (Watch “Disciple-Makers,” a 3-minute video on the vision of the Singapore Navigators) ….

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June 2014

In our last NavNews, I wrote that we were looking for some “C.T. Studds” to join our staff. Studd was the famous missionary who said, “If Jesus Christ be God and died for me, then no sacrifice can be too great for me to make for Him.” I think we’ve found three.Adrian Ho is from Malaysia. He came to Singapore to study at Republic Polytechnic. There, one of our staff men led him to Christ and discipled him. Adrian just graduated with a diploma in Environmental Science. Rather than take a job in that burgeoning field, he has decided to join our staff as an EDGEr. He will be a huge help to our growing Inter-Poly ministry ….

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March 2014

“Nothing significant happens for the Kingdom of God without faith and sacrifice.” My friend Tom Yeakley, a field director of the U.S. Navigators, (featured on page 6 of NavNews March 2014) shared this with me when I was deciding to leave my law practice to go full-time with The Navigators. We are looking for significant things to happen in the next few years through the EDGE program , a one- to two-year programme for young staff on campuses. We had a recent EDGE Preview for 20 young graduates and students who would be graduationg in the next couple of years. For each of these who attended the Preview, ….

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December 2013

“The Best Year Ever.” This was the subject line of an e-mail recently sent by one of our senior staff. We had just finished our annual reporting days where each ministry shares what God has done during the year. The staff man was reflecting on what he had heard. I think I would agree with our staff’s assessment, at least in comparison to the recent past. This year we saw 97 people receive Christ, our highest number for a long time. And this number does not include those not involved in our ministries, such as the many relatives who came to faith through a Navigator son or daughter ….

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September 2013

The Navigators are looking to make a big impact for Christ. It stands to reason, then, that we would want many people to join our staff. Since a major part of our ministry is to students, we especially want many young staff. However, young people often have no idea whether they are “called” to full-time ministry, let alone long-term full-time ministry with The Navigators. This is the reason that I’m so excited about our new EDGE program. It allows a young graduate to join our staff for one to two years. During this time they give themselves to full-time gospel ministry ….

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March 2013

“Fundraising is, first and foremost, a form of ministry. It is a way of announcing our vision and inviting other people into our mission.” So writes theologian Henri J. M. Nouwen in his book, A Spirituality of Fundraising. Nouwen continues, “Fundraising is also always a call to conversion. It is a shift of attention in which we set our mind on divine things.” The ministry of The Navigators is supported solely by the gifts of families, friends and churches. We have no central fund to pay our staff salaries and administrative expenses. Yet we have often shied away from the vital ministry of fundraising ….

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December 2012

This has been quite a year for the Singapore Navigators … our 50th Anniversary! You would think that being so “old” we would have taken it easy. On the contrary, it was full-speed ahead. We launched two new ministries … one at Republic Polytechnic, and one to 20 and 30 year-olds. We hosted a first-time-ever Navigator conference for students from around Asia, with over 300 coming from 8 countries. Of course, we had some special anniversary events as well: a Topical Memory System Challenge (completed by 46 who were each able to repeat the 60 verses of the TMS word-perfect, at one session) ….

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September 2012

We had a wonderful 50th Anniversary Celebration Dinner on 18th August at the Grand Ballroom of the Orchid Country Club. Close to eight hundred Navigators, ministry pioneers, ministry partners, and current volunteers came together for the culmination of a year of celebratory events which included an island-wide prayer walk, a scripture memory challenge, the NavMemories Stories Project and a commemorative journal “With Eyes Singled to His Glory.” At the dinner, Doug Erdmann, our National Director, refocused our attention on the task God still has for The Navigators. Here are excerpts from his speech….

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March 2012

As students leave their tertiary schools and enter the workforce they face a lot of adjustments. First and foremost is the adjustment to a job. (It is true that our young men have experienced non-academic work during their stint in National Service. But life in NS is a bit different from the hustle and bustle of the marketplace.) A second adjustment is to serious relationships with the opposite sex, relationships that often lead to marriage. A third adjustment is to the receipt of regular and substantially increased income, and the need to decide how to use that income….

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December 2011

In Matthew 9:37, Jesus tells us that “the harvest is truly plenteous, but the labourers are few.” In the verse following, He asks people to pray for labourers. As Navigators, we do pray for labourers. Indeed, we not only pray for them, we work hard at producing them, building young Christians up to be disciples, and then giving them the skills and vision to minister to others. But if we stop there, we really are not accomplishing what Jesus sought. Jesus not only wanted labourers to be raised up, but for them to be “sent forth into His harvest.” Harvesting has to do with giving the incredible gift of eternal life ….

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