Yap Kim Meng

Yap Kim Meng has been on staff with The Navigators, Singapore since 1984. He has a passion for disciple-making and leading people to encounter Jesus Christ in the Scriptures. One of the burdens the Lord has placed on Kim Meng is to build on the strong foundations of disciple-making in Singapore, to raise up ‘spiritual generations of labourers who will live and disciple among the lost,’ locally and among the nations. His desire is that every person in the ministries of the Singapore Navigators will lead and serve in their respective ministries with eyes singled to God’s glory.  The motivation and end goal of The Navigators ministries is for the Glory of God and God alone.

April 2018

Together with my good friend, Mok Chok Sun, we took the stage on Saturday 14 April for a Gospel outreach event, “2Gs Lunchbyte—GIVE Thanks and ForGIVE”. We shared our personal stories of how having Christ makes all the difference in these two areas of our lives. Only the Gospel of Jesus can truly give us the power to forgive and be forgiven. Thanksgiving flows out of a forgiven soul.

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September 2016

The “Hedgehog Concept.” This is something management author Jim Collins refers to in his bestseller, “Good to Great.” Collins says that the fox uses many strategies in its attempt to make a meal of the hedgehog, but in response, the hedgehog has only curl up in a ball so that only its sharp spikes are protruding, thus always frustrating the fox...

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June 2016

I lead a Bible study for men. It’s a lively group … lots of laughter, and an occasional tear. Our pattern is to discuss a chapter from the “LifeChange Series,” then share prayer requests and pray for each other. At our most recent study, after finishing the discussion, we moved as usual into prayer requests. One of the men said that he was feeling somewhat dry in his relationship with God. Immediately I thought, “I wonder how his Quiet Time is?”...

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March 2016

Excerpt from a talk given by Doug to the staff at last month’s “Missions Day”:

“The Singapore Navigators have a rich history of sending missionaries. But who have we sent long-term recently? Just William Tew to the Philippines, and that was seven years ago. Are we making progress? Yes. Virtually all of our ministries sent a short-term team last year. And now Nissi Goh has said she is willing to go to Kolkata for a 2-year mid-term assignment…

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December 2015

I trust you have enjoyed the preceding stories about two young disciplemakers, Daniel and Felicia. But don’t think that disciple-making is just for the young! Recently one of our staff, Yap Kim Meng, told the rest of the staff about one of his neighbors, James Kang. Fifteen years ago James’ wife, an airline Chief Stewardess, died unexpectedly in her sleep. He was left to raise three young children, the youngest being only 10 months old. James was a Christian, but for the next five years he struggled, changing jobs many times. Finally he settled on being a taxi driver as it gave him more time to spend with his children…

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October 2015

The Passing Game. Shown on the cover of this edition of NavNews, it is just one of the many activities at our “Navigator Sports Day.” Every year we bring together some of the students we help, and those staff and volunteers who are doing the helping, for a day of soccer, Captain’s Ball, relay races and other competitive events. This year, 280 came from 5 universities, 3 polytechnics and our teen ministry… a hundred more than last year! (You’ll see the group on the right) Why do this? For fun, but also to…

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June 2015

Mutua Mahiaini was the keynote speaker at our Navigator National Conference last year. Those who attended came away impressed by his challenge to pay the cost of discipleship. We did not know at that time that we were hearing from the next International President of The Navigators!

Mutua was born and raised in Kenya. His father was a pastor. When Mutua was 10 years old, he answered the call to make Jesus his Lord. He says about that day: “It was very clear to me that I had entered into a relationship that gave me rights that I did not enjoy before…

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March 2015

“In the middle of Seoul is Yanghwajin cemetery. Buried there are 145 missionaries who never made it back to their home countries. Some of the gravestones date back a little over 100 years ago to the time when the first protestant missionaries arrived in Korea. There are gravestones not just for men but also for wives and single women. There are smaller stones near larger stones where young children are buried. What prompted these missionaries to go to a country that in the 1800’s and early 1900’s barely even qualified as a 3rd world country? Obviously one motivation was to bring these people the gospel….

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December 2014

My father owned a small sailboat when I was a boy. Sailing with him on the lake near our home, I quickly learned that waves were caused by wind. The more wind, the bigger the waves, which is why I tried to avoid sailing with him on days when high winds were forecast! The vision of the Singapore Navigators is “a new wave of disciple-makers for Singapore, Asia and beyond.” For this “new wave” to occur, what is needed? Many things, but ultimately, the “wind” of the Holy Spirit. (John 3:8) And it appears that the Holy Spirit is at work. People growing spiritually confirms it. Growing numbers confirm it as well. Let ….

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September 2014

Can you predict what things will look like in your life 5 – 7 years from now? Probably not. Can you have a desire for how those things will look? Certainly! This is the question our staff leaders recently asked … what is our desire for how our ministries will look 5 – 7 years from now; and more importantly, what is God’s desire? What is His vision for our future? After much discussion and prayer, we believe God has given us that vision: “A new wave of disciple-makers for Singapore, Asia and beyond.” (Watch “Disciple-Makers,” a 3-minute video on the vision of the Singapore Navigators) ….

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