2Gs Lunchbyte talk – GIVE Thanks & ForGIVE

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.” Ephesians 3:20


The audience gaining glimpses into the lives of the speakers who shared why they can give thanks to God and find forgiveness.

Lai Jit Meng and Dr. Paul Wu

Lai Jit Meng (left), an elder at The People’s Bible Church, facilitated the talk with Chinese translator Dr. Paul Wu.

On Saturday 14 April, 200 guests and parents of Singapore Navigators staff and members, as well as members of Grace Baptist Church (GBC), turned up at GBC to listen to a talk themed 2Gs Lunchbyte – GIVE Thanks & ForGIVE. Lai Jit Meng, an elder at The People’s Bible Church, facilitated the talk while Dr. Paul Wu translated it into Chinese. The talk was aimed at blessing the elderly and Chinese-speaking attendees.

The “2Gs” referred to two gentlemen who spoke on two topics focusing on “Give”, to give thanks and forgive. National Director of The Navigators Singapore Yap Kim Meng and Nav Associate Staff Mok Chok Sun shared their inspirational life stories on thankfulness to God and forgiveness.

“Many people are trapped by ungratefulness or even worse, unforgiveness. Though one may not raise such hurtful matters again, it does not necessarily mean one will forget,” Kim Meng explained. “The power that transforms pains and hurts into an outpouring of gratitude and love comes only from believing the Good News. How? It is a supernatural act, only by the grace of God, through the Gospel in our lives.”

Kim Meng shares his testimony

National Director of Navigators Singapore Yap Kim Meng (left) opens up about situations in his family that resulted in unforgiveness.

Kim Meng shared an incident from his past that made forgiveness a challenge:

“I had difficulty forgiving my grandmother who sold my eldest brother away. She did it in order to pay off her gambling debts. Though I never met him, and may never have the chance to do so, I always wonder what kind of family we would have had … My father too made life hard for the family. Though a police officer, he didn’t live by the law. I was then in secondary school when he got into trouble. I felt my chance to go to university was sabotaged. Instead I had to pursue a diploma in order to get a good-paying job soon to support my mother and family. In a twist of events, God’s grace was still sufficient for my family. My grandma had a Christian tenant staying in her flat who led her to be baptised in church, and even my father who was kept away from home for many years was given a new life in Christ!

Only when I found forgiveness in Christ did I realise I could forgive others for their mistakes.”

Mok Chok Sun

Nav Associate Staff Mok Chok Sun speaks of having a thankful spirit in every matter.

A two-time cancer survivor, Mok shared some life-changing occasions that led him to give thanks to God:

“My highly superstitious mother was a Samsui woman, and to think of her coming to Christ was an impossibility. I could not imagine that ever happening! Her meeting with Kim Meng, who helped me grow my faith through discipleship and get involved in ministry, was fraught with initial disapproval and tension. However, my sojourn overseas for military training over a 6-month period gave them an opportunity to become close friends as Kim Meng treated her to dim sum every Sunday. They gradually attended church together and upon my return, my mother began removing the altars in our house! At a Navigators Military Ministry evangelistic gathering similar to this talk, various dialect speakers shared God’s message. When they called for people who would like to receive Christ, hers was the first hand up! I was so happy and thankful to God for this answered prayer.”

Mok’s also gave thanks for the opportunity to be a father (see Youtube video 20:51) and for other relatives who received Christ over the years (see Youtube video 22:20).

Audience at Q and A

Members of The Navigators Singapore and Grace Baptist Church attending the talk with their Chinese-speaking elders and parents so that their loved ones can be ministered to.

After the spiritual nourishment, everyone bonded over a buffet lunch. A Light to the World, Kim Meng’s new book promoting evangelism, was revised from his 2015 publication A Light in the Darkness with additional chapters. This 2018 edition was published especially for this event and handed out freely to those present.

Later, there was a Question-and-Answer session where the audience could ask the two gentlemen questions they had, eg. reaching out to family with ethnic folk religions. At the end of the session, there was a call for whoever wanted to come to Christ and receive Him as their personal Saviour, and the sinner’s prayer was publicly proclaimed.

Let’s rejoice with heaven and keep in prayer the new children of God who accepted Christ that day, that proper follow-up from ministry members and leaders will be done in order for them to grow in their faith. Let’s also uphold those who have yet to know Christ personally, as their family members continue to reach out to them in Chinese and their dialects too.

Closing prayer

Closing the session with the sinner’s prayer.

You can catch the full talk here. (Video uploaded by GBC)


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